Lixue Xia

Senior R & D Engineer,

Alibaba Group


Google Scholar

Lixue Xia is currently a senior research and development engineer in Alibaba Group. He received his B.S. degree and Ph.D. degree (with honor) in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing, in 2013 and in 2018, respectively.

Lixue Xia has published 34 papers, including 7 journal (5 IEEE) and 27 conference (1 HotChips, 6 DAC, 5 DATE, 1 ICCAD, 5 ASPDAC, 1 VLSI Symp., 1 IEDM) papers in the areas of EDA and ASIC, with a focus on deep learning hardware and parallel circuit analysis. He received the Bast Paper Nominations in DAC 2017 and ITC 2018.

Lixue Xia has received various awards and scholarships in Tsinghua University. He was awarded Outstanding Doctor Graduate of Tsinghua University (76/2259 in the university, 3/59 in the department), Outstanding Doctor Degree Dissertation of Tsinghua University (6/59 in the department), Outstanding Doctor Graduate of Beijing, Outstanding Graduation Thesis (B.S. degree). He was a recipient of National Scholarship winner, ICFC Ph.D. Fellowship winner, and was awarded for Academic Excellence in 2014. He was also awarded Outstanding Internship of MSRA in 2015.

Lixue Xia has served as an Session Chair in DAC 2019, a TPC member in ISVLSI 2019. He is a reviewer for IEEE Trans. on CAD, IEEE Trans. on NNLS, IEEE Trans. on VLSI, IEEE Trans. on CSVT, IEEE JETCAS, IEEE D&T, etc. He was invited to give talks in ACA 2016, CTC 2016, and to other academic groups.